Unable to add ai, eps, pdf files

Unable to add ai, eps, pdf files or the prompt message says “GhostScript” may because your device not having GhostScript plugin installed.

How to fix?

It's easy to fix, just install GhostScript plugin to support these file types.

  1. Install GhostScript 9.21 for Windows (64 bit)
  2. Install GhostScript plugin
    Double click on "gs921w64.exe" to install
    Click on Next > Click on "Next >"Don't modify the default path, click on "install"

    Click on "Finish" to complete installation
  3. Restart Eagle, add files that weren't able to add before

GhostScript installation shows prompt message "Error launching installer"

This error may be caused that the GhostScript installation doesn't support Chinese path operation. Please move the "gs925w64.exe" to other paths without the Chinese name (e.g., C drive directory), execute Eagle to see if this problem can be solved.

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