Unable to add .mp4 files

There are two main reasons for this issue:

  1. Software installation incomplete
    Try download and reinstall Eagle's latest version. This could also happen If your device installed cleaner or anti-malware software.
  2. The mp4 format isn't compatible
    This file may be actually not encoded in ".mp4" format, rather, it is could be other formats such as ".mkv", ".mov". If this is the case, you can convert file format to the format that Eagle supports.  You can refer to the following steps:

Use "HandBrake" to convert files

  1. Install HandBrake (freeware, support macOS/Windows)
    HandBrake is a decoder that can convert almost all formats of video to the formats that are supported widely. 
  2. Open HandBrake
  3. drag the video file and drop in the application.
  4. Set output path 
  5. Click "Start Encode" above to start converting
  6. After the conversion is complete, you can add videos into Eagle again.
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