Can I compress images in Eagle?

We currently don't consider developing image compressing features due to the following two reasons:

  1. Development cost and technical difficulty
    Image compression is a highly specialized profession, which is very different from Eagle's focused direction, namely image organizing, collecting and searching. In a short time, the Eagle team won't be able to develop an image compressing feature that is better than those already market available software, and this is also not our key focus when developing Eagle. Hence, we think it is best to leave this part to other software.
  2. Eagle can be used combined with other software
    There are many excellent image compressors with excellent compression ratio and performance, such as "Pngyu", "ImageOptim", "JPEG Mini" and etc.. Eagle can be used with this software. You can select images you want to compress in Eagle, then drag and drop into the compressor. If you want to compress the entire library, you can also drag and drop the whole library directly into this software. Can I compress images in Eagle? - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
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