Will Eagle develop its own cloud sync service in the future?

At the moment, Eagle team doesn't consider developing our own cloud sync due to various reasons.

The cloud sync is resource consuming to any company or enterprise, if we put our effort into developing cloud sync without proper overall understanding, the result could be devastating to the team.

Outside development, there are also other factors we have to consider, for example:

  1. Maintenance
    Before all, we have to secure a sustainable business model, else, the file you saved in Eagle may not be safe and available.
  2. Security
    We have to secure that all user information won't be stolen by hackers, and it's a difficult task.
  3. Stability
    There may be other issues when online editing or syncing. 

After considering all the factors involved, we prefer turning to market available sync services instead of developing on our own. By so, our team could focus on developing our core feature, I.e. image organization.

Currently, Eagle supports syncing with most of the cloud sync services, such as: "Dropbox", "iCloud", "One Drive", "Google Drive". Since these are all well known and used services, you also won't have to worry about extra learning costs or service fees.

For now, our team hopes to keep Eagle a one-time-purchase product, and we hope you don't have to worry that your library is inaccessible because Eagle stops the service unexpectedly in the future.
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