Will Eagle develop its own cloud sync service in the future?

There are so many reasons like cost, manpower, so currently, our team won't considerate to develop this feature.

  1. Cost
    It must be under a robust business model to do, or it won't  
  2. Security
    It must be ensured that user information won't be stolen by hackers, and it's a difficult task.
  3. Legality
    It must comply with local national laws to avoid "Huaban event" happen again, resulting in all material inaccessible.  
  4. Stability
    Simultaneous online editing may create conflicts or some other problems.

Currently, Eagle can be used with other cloud sync disks, Eagle supports all mainstream cloud sync disks, such as "Dropbox", "iCloud", "One Drive", "Google Drive".

Our team hopes to maintain the current model of outright purchase. It makes users won't have to worry about Eagle suddenly being suspended or even unable to be used in the future, 

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