Interface - Inspector

The inspector on the right of Eagle allows you to view the basic information of the selected image and it can be divided into “Category” and "Selection". You can adjust the basic information like "title", "URL", "tag".


The selection will be divided into three statuses:  "No Selection", "Single Selection", "Multiple Selection".


If you need to drag and drop the image in the preview mode, you can directly drag and drop the thumbnail to save your time.

Color Swatch

If want to search for images, there will be five color switches that are the main color of the image 

  • Right-click the "Color Switch" to display images that have a similar color to the color swatch.
  • Left-click the "Color Switch" to open the menu, and you can "Copy the color code" and "Custom Main Color". 


Display the title of the image you select, and you can double click the title to rename the image.


Use the  "Tag" function to tag images, make you easier and faster to search for the images you need. You can click the tag bar to "Create", "Add", "remove", "Search" tags. Click for details.


If you want to take some notes for the image, you can click the "Notes Bar" and type your thoughts. 


Display the image source URL and Eagle support clicking to open the webpage. 

Current Category

Display the folder that the image belongs to.


  • Rating
    Easy rating your images by clicking of keyboard number 1-5 button. Ratings can be used as a condition of the filter, you can use the "filter" function to search for images of a specific rating, Click for details.
  • Dimensions
  • Size
  • Type
  • Date


Inspector will display the information of the current folder.  

Folder Name

Display the current folder name, and you can double click folder name to rename it.


If you want to take some notes for the folder, you can click the "Description" bar and type your thoughts.


  • Items
  • Size
  • Date
  • Password Protection
    If you have files or folders that need to be protected, you can set a password for the folder. You need to enter the password when opening the folder so that your folders are properly protected. Click for details.

Export the Folder

If you want to share images with your friends or colleagues, you can export the selected folder as an "Eagle package" or export it to your computer so you can easily share your images. Click for details.

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