2. Add and sort assets

Hi! Welcome to episode two. In this episode, I'll show you how to add images to Eagle and how you can organize them. Let's build your own library of inspirations!

Add images from your computer to Eagle

Adding images to Eagle is fairly easy. Select the image you want to add on your computer. Then drag it and drop it in the middle area of the interface. There you go.
Another way to add images is to use "copy and paste". "First, copy the image on your computer. Second, open Eagle and press "Ctrl + V"." And the image will be added to Eagle in no time

Create folders and sort images

Next, let's create a few folders to sort these newly added images! Click the "+" button to create a new folder, and then give it a suitable name. Now, to organize your images, just drag them to the folders accordingly.

If you need more subfolders, you can right-click the target folder, and select "New Subfolder" to create one. You can also drag an existing folder and drop it in the target folder.

Add local folders to Eagle

Already got well-organized folders on your computer? You don't have to reorganize the files in Eagle! Drag the local folders to the sidebar, and they will be added to Eagle immediately, with the same folder structures.

Tips for folders in Eagle

Here are some tips for using Eagle's folders. If you have a large folder hierarchy, you can decide whether the parent folder should display the content of subfolders. To open or close all subfolders, hold "alt" on your keyboard and double-click the parent folder. You can easily make it with one move.

Note: Remember that the contents in Eagle are stored on your computer. Your files won’t be uploaded to the cloud or anywhere else. Therefore, to avoid losing your precious data, make sure to back up all your libraries if you need to reinstall your computer or make any significant hardware changes on it.

Now you've learned how to add and sort your assets! With Eagle's help, it'll be a lot easier to organize the inspirations you find online. Let's catch 'em all! Next episode, I will introduce to you Eagle's powerful browser extension.
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