3. Eagle Extension

Welcome to episode three. We will focus on the Eagle extension in this video. Eagle's browser extension allows you to save any online images or inspirations more rapidly and efficiently. Let's see how it works!

Install the Eagle browser extension

First of All, we have to donwload it. You can download the extension that is corresponding to your browser with the link below:

  1. How to install browser extension in Chrome
  2. How to install browser extension in Firefox
  3. How to install browser extension in Opera
  4. How to install browser extension in Edge

Here, I'll use Chrome as an example. After opening the link, click on "add to Chrome", and the installation would be complete at once.

Save online images with the browser extension

After you install the browser extension, you can download any image you want with it. There are three recommended ways for you to save a single image.
  1. Right-click on the image you want to save. Click "Save Image to Eagle" on the menu and the image will be added to Eagle. 
  2. When you drag and hold the image, a "drag and drop" box will pop up on either side of the image. Drop it on the left, you can save it in the uncategorized list; drop it on the right, you can save it in the folders you recently used. 
  3. You can also hold the "alt" key and right-click the image to save it in no time 

Batch save

Click the Eagle extension icon, and select "Batch save". A window will pop up and show all the images on the webpage. There's a filter tool at the bottom to help you pinpoint the images you want. Select the images you want to save, and click "Add images". 


In addition to saving images from a site, you can also take screenshots with Eagle extension. There are three ways you can capture the images you want:
  1. First, the "Capture Area" function. You can capture an area on the webpage with your mouse. You can also hold "Ctrl" and click to precisely select an element. 
  2. Second, the "Capture Visible" function. You can take a screenshot of the contents currently visible on your screen.
  3. Third, the "Capture Page" function. This function allows you to capture the full webpage effortlessly.

Save URL to Eagle

In the final part of this episode, I will introduce to you the very important and convenient "URL bookmark" in Eagle. You can find the "Save URL to Eagle" in the Eagle browser extension. Click it to save any URL in Eagle.

You can open and preview the websites you save in Eagle. As for URLs of online video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo, you can preview the videos right in Eagle if you're connected to the internet. With this function, you don't have to download the videos to your computer, which saves you a lot of space.

Congratulations! Now you've mastered the techniques of Eagle's browser extension. In the next episode, I will show you some tips for browsing images in Eagle.

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