Getting Started - 1. Welcome to Eagle

Hello, thank you for choosing Eagle, this manual will help you to get to know with Eagle’s basic operation. 

Eagle is a desktop-based software that focuses on "Collect, Organize, Search" of your design assets. With Eagle, you can create your own "design assets library, inspiration library...etc.". No matter it’s tens of thousands of images or categories, Eagle is competent to achieve the following:

  1. Collect your favorite images and inspirations
    Help you collect any idea that flashes before your eyes and note it down.
  2. Manage, organize, classify your images
    Manage, tag your images, make you find them quickly. 
  3. Find any images that meet your needs
    The powerful search engine that is able to find images within 0.5 seconds.

Getting Started - 1. Welcome to Eagle - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

Why Eagle?

Compared to the traditional folder, webpage, image organizers, Eagle provides better resolutions with distinct features and user experiences, including: 

  1. Support numerous file formats
    In addition to common formats such as "JPG", "BMP", "PNG", Eagle also supports professional formats, e.g., "GIF", "TIF", "PSD", "AI", "EPS", "WEBP" and etc. 
  2. User experience and usability focused
    The Eagle team is comprised of designers, user experience and usability is our biggest concern.
  3. Efficient collecting tools
    The powerful management function that can complete image tagging and categorizing tasks at ease.
  4. Powerful management function
    Provide complete management function, making you classify and tag images easily.
  5. Speedy search function
    Powerful search engine to boost up search efficiency greatly, any search can be finished in 0.5 seconds.
  6. Extraordinary preview experience
    You can decide how to preview images based on different scenarios, e.g., layout mode, gesture, scroll wheel.

Usage Scenario

If  you are a "UI Designer"

  1. You can collect and organize your favorite "App", "Web" cases with Eagle.
  2. You can organize files of various formats you need in your design project. e.g., "SVG", "PSD", "AI".
  3. You can use Eagle to organize UI interactions and animations, e.g., "GIF", "MP4".
  4. You can note down your ideas and thoughts on images with comment tool.
  5. ...

If you are an "Interior Designer"

  1. You can organize different design cases, inspirations, e.g., "living room cases", "soft decor cases" with Eagle.
  2. You can use Eagle to find cases with specific styles or colors.
  3. ...

If you are "Concept Artist"

  1. You can collect, classify "concept arts" with Eagle to your liking.
  2. You can create inspiration libraries efficiently based on different  "scenarios", "characters", "weapons" and etc..
  3. ...

If you are "Graphic Designer"

  1. You can collect, classify your favorite "inspirations", "cases", "illustrations" with Eagle.
  2. You can filter your images by color to give you ideas on color schemes.
  3. You can organize files of various formats you need in your design project. e.g., "SVG", "PSD", "AI".
  4. ...

If you are "Motion Graphic Designer"

  1. You collect your favorite "storyboard", "dynamic", "rendering" with Eagle.
  2. You can organize various types of "visual styles" with Eagle.
  3. You can use Eagle to classify "textures", "characters", "scenes".
  4. ...

If you are "Product Manager, Operation Manager"

  1. You can organize frequently used images, files and find them quickly when needed.
  2. You can use Eagle to collect, organize ideas and images on the net.
  3. You can use Eagle to organize, analyze competitors’ App, Web products.
  4. ...

If you are"PowerPoint Designer"

  1. You can use Eagle to organize, classify your numerous PowerPoint(.ppt) and Keynote(.key) templates.
  2. You can use Eagle to collect various images and files, e.g., "PNG", "PSD", "MP4".

Grow with Eagle team

We hope to create a super handy "image organizer" for everyone. To achieve this, we still need more innovations and features. Eagle will continue to iterate and put our best effort to provide user trustworthy and well-designed product. If you find Eagle really handy, please recommend Eagle to your colleagues and friends.

To start using Eagle, we require you to install Eagle first. In the next chapter, we will introduce how to "Install Eagle".

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