I didn't receive the license key after purchased

If you didn't receive the license key after purchased, common causes for this could be the following:

  1. The Email was marked as spam by mistake
    The license key was successfully sent to the mailbox, however, it was considered as spam by the filter. Please check whether the mail was moved into the spam inbox, and move back to a regular inbox to prevent it from being deleted by the system.
  2. Entered the wrong email when purchasing
    The email you provided may be typoed/mistyped, so the system was unable to send the mail with the license key successfully.
  3. Third-party payment system delay
    Transactions with Eagle were made through 3rd party payments, I.e. PayPal. Sometimes it takes minutes to complete the transaction.

What do I do if I didn't receive my license key?

If you still didn't receive the license key for a period of time, you can try the following methods to recover your key:

  1. Go to "Recover my license" to redistribute key
    Go to https://eagle.cool/license-retrieval, enter the email you used when making the purchase to redistribute the license key.
  2. Contact Eagle support team

If the above method didn't work, please contact us at [email protected], with the following information to shorten the time we communicate:

I Didn't receive the license key


  1. Your name
  2. The email address you used when purchasing
  3. The date/time you made the purchase
  4. A screenshot of the purchase details generated by Paypal/3rd party payments.
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