How to unbind my license key and reactivate on other devices?

All Eagle license keys are free to bind/unbind to devices you wish to use, it won't be restricted to a specific device as you activate the key. If you want to switch your device and reactivate Eagle on it, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Deactivate the current device
    Open Eagle on the device you want to unbind, click on "Eagle" > "Unregister Eagle" to deactivate.
  2. Reactivate Eagle on the new device
    Click "Eagle" > "Register..."  on the new device to reactivate.
If your activated device is broken or inaccessible, you can still activate Eagle on the new device. When the license key is activated on more than 3 devices , Eagle will provide you a management interface to manage your device. You can still use Eagle without limitation.
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