I can't open Library, it shows prompt message "Oops! Library missed" after I open it

If you open Eagle and it shows the prompt "Oops! Library missed", as shown below:

To solve this problem, first, confirm the library path that originally saved, and finds the problems. You can find the library path in the prompt

The followings are the possible causes and solutions for the problem:

  1. The path of the library is changed
    Recently, you may have accidentally moved or renamed the library. Please search for the name or the keyword ".library", to find out if you moved it to the new path. After 
  2. Accidentally deleting the library
    If you can't find any file that related to ".library", it's likely to be deleted accidentally. This problem often occurs when the user saves the library on the desktop, if you have the same problem, please try to retrieve the files in recycle bin.
  3. Use a third-party sync tool, but synchronization is unfinished
    You use the sync tool (e.g. iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox) to sync, and you sure that library path exists. This situation may be caused by that Eagle's important files haven't been synced. Please confirm if the sync has completed first.
If you want to search for files on your device, we recommend using "Everything" on Windows, and the "Spotlight" on macOS.

If you have found the library location or restored the library that has been deleted accidentally, you can open it in the following ways:

  1. Click the "Import Library" button on the right
  2. After selecting the library path, you click the open button
  3. After you wait for the library to load, the operations are complete!

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