I have some questions, how do I contact Eagle team?

Encountered some issues or eager to share your ideas with us? You can reach us out in the following ways:

  1. Click Help Center and search for the related issue, most of the solution are provided there.
  2. Contact our customer service team at  [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as we receive the email.

Your feedback means a lot to us, we appreciate the time you spent on communicating with us. If you spotted a glitch, crash or have any problems with Eagle, please reach us out referring to the recommended template as below, so we can understand your situation more efficiently. 

Feedback template

  1. Software version:
    You can click Menu ->About Eagle to check your current version.  
  2. Operating system:
    For example: Windows 7 / Windows10 / macOS 10.14  
  3. Problem description:
    The steps to reproduce the error are the most important part of the feedback. Please describe the issue you encountered as much as possible, the more detailed the better, don't just tell us that something went wrong. The more clearly you can describe the reproduction steps, the more likely the issue could be solved.

    #1: Describe in detail the issue you encounter
    #2: Provide steps how to reproduce the error
  4. Error logs:
    Please refer to the article: How do I get the error log?
  5. Other attachments:
    Providing screenshots or videos may also be useful when it comes to situations that is hard to explain in text.

Feature suggestion template 

  1. Software version: 
    You can click Menu -> About Eagle to check your current version 
  2. Operating system:
    For example: Windows 7 / Windows10 / macOS 10.14
  3. Describe your need/suggestion: 
    Before adding new features, we would like to know more about why and how it is needed. Please provide a detailed description as below:

    #1. Scenario
    Why is this feature important? Under what scenario it is needed?

    #2. Ideal state
    Describe the perfect state it should be in your mind.

    #3. Case description
    Provide references, e.g. other applications or services and how does it work.
  4. Other attachments: 
    If possible, you can attach images so we can understand your needs more clearly.

We hope you enjoy using Eagle!

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