Save webpage bookmarks

With Eagle's browser extension, you can not only catch inspirations of the webpage using 'Capture Full Page' screenshot, but also save the webpage to Eagle as an URL bookmark via the 'Save Bookmark' feature. 

What's different to 'Capture Full Page' is that you can open and preview the webpage right in Eagle, and you don't have to store the huge-sized screenshots in your device.

How to save webpage bookmarks to Eagle?

  1. Open the link of the page you want to save.Save webpage bookmarks - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  2. Click on Eagle browser extension's icon
  3. Select「Save URL to Eagle」
    Save webpage bookmarks - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  4. The bookmark is saved.
    Save webpage bookmarks - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  5. Double-click the bookmark to preview its content right in Eagle.
    Save webpage bookmarks - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

The upside of the Bookmark feature

  1. Takes minimal spaces as it only stores the URL link.
  2. Can interact with webpage elements while previewing.
  3. A Visualized and efficient way for managing bookmarks.

Scenarios unsuitable for the Bookmark feature

  1. When you want to capture the view of the webpage and keep it as is, in case the website is down or revamped.
  2. When you want to leave comments on the element(s) of the webpage.
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