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How do you collect your resources with Eagle? Do you have any special thoughts when using Eagle? We Eagle Team are curious about how our users utilize Eagle to collect resources; Therefore, we invite you to share your daily experiences on Eagle, let people know how you manage your design resources and your tip and tricks on organizing resources.

Plus, there is also a chance that your amazing content may be published on the User-Story page on  Eagle’s official website!


  1. Write an article about your experience using Eagle.
    Write your own thoughts about Eagle based on your daily usage and experience/thoughts, the following points are recommended (the order of points are not restricted):
    - Tell us about yourself and your profession.
    - How do you manage your images assets before using Eagle? What difficulties did you ever encounter?
    - How do you know Eagle? Why do you choose Eagle as your image management tool?
    - How do you utilize Eagle in your work? Could you introduce some of your favorite features or usages?
    - How do you organize and categorize your images/photos? Could you share your thoughts about the way you organize/categorize your resources?
    - What is the greatest difference that Eagle brings to you?
  2. Share your article on SNS
    Post your articles on one of the following: Personal Blog, Medium or other platforms.
  3. Send us a link of your article
    Send a link of your article to:  [email protected], with title 【Eagle Promotion -  Article Wanted】by OOO
  4. Wait for our review
    It would take approximately 3 days (weekends/holidays excluded) for us to review your article.
  5. Get your reward
    You may earn Eagle activation key or promotion coupon based on our final ratings, please refer to the rating criteria as followed.

Rating Criteria

We will rate according to the following points:
Weight(%)  Item
30% Your own way and tips of using Eagle
30% What is your plan and thoughts when categorizing resources?
And what is your method/experience in sorting out resources?
20% Your “Alternative” system/tips on resource management.
10% Your favorite “Secret Move” Eagle tricks.
10% The habit and changes that Eagle brings to you.

Bonus Points (Only one applicable):
Total Score Condition
+15 pt Excellent article with great images
+20 pt Excellent article with great images(Gif animations or videos included)


We will rate the content you submitted according to the “Rating Criteria”, and give the following reward based on the impressiveness of your content:
Score Reward
60 ~ 70 Eagle 30% Off Promo Coupon
71 ~ 80 Eagle 50% Off Promo Coupon
81 ~ 90 Eagle License Key (For 2 devices)
91 and above Eagle License key (For 3 devices) 
Qualification for “Eagle Core Users”
Chances to publish your content on “Eagle Official User-Story”

Campaign period

From now to 30th, August. 2020.


  • The submitted content is not accepted in case it is copied from official website content or user-story
  • Eagle reserves the right to amend, change the content and details in the campaign.
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