7. Use the Assets & Share the Assets with Others

Hello, Welcome to the seventh episode of the Eagle tutorial. In the previous episodes, we've learned the tips for collecting, organizing, and searching for assets. In this final episode, I'm going to introduce the tips for applying your assets in any other app and also how to export assets in Eagle.

Use the Assets

When you're in the list mode, you can simply drag the selected file and drop it on other applications. You can also copy the file and paste it anywhere else.

Even if you're in the Detailed View Mode, you can still export the file by dragging the thumbnail to other locations or copy and paste it to locations other than Eagle.

Import and Export

Export Eaglepack

Apart from exporting the original files, you can share the "Eaglepack" with those who also have Eagle in their computers.

Eaglepack is a file type only for Eagle users. Images or folders can all be saved as Eaglepacks and be imported in and exported to computers. Eaglepack not only saves the contents but also the classification and information of assets. Details including URLs, tags, and notes will remain the same.

Right-click the file or folder you want to export. Select "Export" and click "Export as .eaglepack". Enter file name, choose export path, and click save. And you have your first Eaglepack to share!

Import Eaglepack

Just double-click the Eaglepack and choose "import". Or you can simply drag it to Eagle. Both ways are pretty straightforward.

Like what I've mentioned, the contents and classification in the folder will be 100% the same as the original one.

Export to Computer

Wanna share the files with those who don't have Eagle? No problem. Just select "Export to computer" and save. If you export a folder with subfolders in it, the folder hierarchy will remain the same as the original one in Eagle.

Export in Specific Format/Dimension

You can also export it in a specific format or dimension. Click the file you want to export, and choose "Export in Specific Format/Dimension". Then you can export it based on your needs!

You've finished our Eagle tutorial, congratulations! I believe you've got a big picture of how Eagle works.

Now you can try using Eagle to tackle your design jobs more efficiently and rapidly. I do hope that you will have a great time experiencing Eagle. Also, the whole Eagle team looks forward to your thoughts or suggestions for Eagle, so we can make this software better and better.

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