It's my first time using Eagle and it showed "Trial Expired"

Eagle uses the unique identifier of the device to determine whether the device is valid for the 30-day trial. If it's the first time you use Eagle,  It could be because the device you are using is a company device(which may be used by another colleague), or other members have previously installed Eagle on the device. 

If your device is unable to try Eagle, don't worry, we offer an application for a free trial key to make sure that everyone can try out Eagle for 30 days.

How to apply:

  1. Contact customer service email: [email protected]
  2. Title: "Apply for  trial key as I can't use trial on my device" 
  3. As we receive your mail, we will automatically send a "Trial key" to you.

How to use the trial key?

You can find the free trial key in our mail.

  1. Open Eagle. 
  2. Open menu and select "Eagle" > "Register Eagle..."
  3. Paste the trial key into the input box and enter your email.
  4. Activation completed, it's time to try out Eagle!
Remark: Trail key will expire in 30 days, you can consider purchasing Eagle based on your need.
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