The Auto-Import

Eagle's library structure is different from the system file structure, in some scenarios where the drag and drop function cannot apply, you will have to save the files first before adding them to Eagle library. Enable "auto-import" function will save you the trouble and apply it easily.

How it works

Enable "Auto Import" function, Eagle will monitor and automatically save files into Eagle library according to the path you set. This allows you to bypass the import window especially in some scenarios where drag and drop cannot be used, such as

  • When the file cannot drag and drop to eagle directly
    With the auto-import function, you can add files to the Eagle library when downloading pictures or files from the browser.
  • When using a third-party screenshot or screen recording tool with Eagle
    You can use this function to save the results in Eagle library immediately.
  • Directly export your files to Eagle
    No more exporting and dragging the files to Eagle library every time. 

How to set up Auto-Import function

  1. Create a folder for monitoring (Only local directories can be monitored, please avoid using LAN, NAS directories.)The Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  2. Choose Eagle preferences and click Auto-ImportThe Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  3. Check the enable auto-import checkbox, select the folder you just created to be monitored, and click apply button.The Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle AppThe Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  4. After enabling the auto-import function, you may find Eagle has helped you create a "subfolder" according to the name of your library in the monitored folder. The Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  5. It is recommended to put the monitored folder on your favorite list for easier access in the futureThe Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

Try it now!

Now whenever you use Photoshop, a screenshot tool, or a third-party tool, just save your files in the "subfolder" created by Eagle, your files will be imported into Eagle library automatically!

The Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle App The Auto-Import - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
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