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The Eagle API

On 2020-06-19, We have released our Eagle 1.11 Build22 (Now available on the official site), which has officially released our Eagle's Open API. With the released API, Eagle will be able to import contents from external extensions, in the meantime, this also allows users to develop plugins / extensions of their own to fit in more usage situations, whether or not they are general or trivial.

At the moment, we could already find scripts that allow users to import Pinterest board into Eagle at Greasy Fork site, with this external script, importing from Pinterest would be not a problem no more! In the following article, we'll introduce how to use this script.

Install Tampermonkey

Tampermonkey is a user script manager, supported by most of commonly used browsers. Combined with the user script dedicated site Greasy Fork, various handy functions, e.g. one-click install, auto update, quick launch and etc. can be achieved at ease.

You could find many articles on the internet introducing how to install Tampermonkey, so we'll skip here.

Install “Save Pinterest image to Eagle” Script

Once you've installed Tampermonkey successfully, you could then install "Save Pinterest image to Eagle" script and get started!

  1. Open "Save Pinterest image to Eagle" Script page
  2. Click "Install this script"
  3. Click Install button
  4. Install completed

Import images from Pinterest boards by using "Save Pinterest image to Eagle" script.

  1. Please update the Eagle app client to the latest version (version latter than 2020-06-19) before start using the script
  2. Open Eagle app
  3. Open the browser, go to the Pinterest board you'd like to import, e.g.
  4. Right-click on the blank to open up the context menu, select "Tampermonkey", then select "Save Pinterest image to Eagle" (Must click "Always allow" when using for the first time)
  5. The script would then start to scroll the page, and import contents into Eagle.
  6. Import finished!


  1. The feature is only accessible in our latest version, please update Eagle app before using the script.
  2. By using Eagle API and its derivatives, you represent and warrant that you have read and agree to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy
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