List Mode


In the list mode, you can find and browse images quickly and the list mode provides two layouts, "Justified" and "Waterfall".

"Justified Arrangement" is neater and ensures that each image won't be cropped. It's suitable for sorting and searching for images. Many applications also use this arrangement, such as Google Search, 500px, Flickers.

"Waterfall Arrangement" can meet more diverse needs, such as long images, web page screenshots, you can adjust arrangements according to your needs.

Layout Comparison

  • Justified
    The visual alignment line is quite neat and suitable for the situation of image sorting and searching.
  • Waterfall
    The visual alignment line is irregular and the search burden is larger, but it's suitable for long-time previewing images and displaying different sizes of images.


You can use a different sorting method in different folders or categories. Use a suitable sorting method in different folders or categories which can make you have a better user experience.

Back to Wheel Location

Eagle will remember the viewing location. When you open a folder, the list will be located at the location you leave last time,

Click Space Button to Preview

If you want to quickly view an image and don't need to comment on an image, you can click the space button to quickly preview the image.

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