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  • Use tag group to oragnize tags

    As the number of tags increased, the tag group can be a good tool for organizing tags. After organizing tags you can find the tags you need easily. Create Tag Groups Click the "+" button next to the

  • Can I classify and add tags when saving images?

    Yes, Eagle browser extension allows you to change settings as you prefer. By default, the browser extension will save images directly, let users manage your images in Eagle. If this is not the way

  • Getting Started - 7. Using tags for more detailed categorization

    In "Add images to Eagle and sorting them", we have learned how to add local images to Eagle and classify them! In this article, We are going to learn the "tag" function, through proper tagging, we

  • How to import images with IPTC attributes?

    What is IPTC? IPTC metadata is a standardized format. The attributes such as author, copyright, subtitle, description, keywords as shown below could be added to the image information. How to Import

  • Auto tagging saves your time tagging images repeatedly

    The folder has the feature to automatically add tags. If you enable the "Auto Tagging" feature, the images int the folder will have the tag you set. ⌘ + Shift + R Right-click the folder and select

  • Use tags to organize images

    The tag is an indispensable feature in Eagle, it's a tool for “organizing” and “searching”. If the tags are set well, they will be helpful in organizing and searching and you can have better

  • Getting Started - 9. Search for images

    In the previous article, we have learned skills of "collecting, organizing, viewing" images! Here, we are going to learn how to quickly find images you want in Eagle. Keyword search The search bar in

  • Search images by tags

    The tags you used to organize images can be a filter condition, you can use tags filter to get images with a specific tag. Use the tags filter by following these steps: Click the "Funnel" button to

  • Interface - Inspector

    The inspector on the right of Eagle allows you to view the basic information of the selected image and it can be divided into “Category” and "Selection". You can adjust the basic information like

  • Eagle's User-Interface

    It takes only five minutes to understand all the features on the Eagle interface. The toolbar is on the top contains all the important tools and operations. The inspector is on the right allows you

  • Getting Started - 4. A quick tour of Interface

    In "Create your first library" we have successfully created our first library. Now, we can start using Eagle! In this article, we will introduce Eagle starting from the interface. As shown in the

  • Getting Started - 1. Welcome to Eagle

    Hello, thank you for choosing Eagle, this manual will help you to get to know with Eagle’s basic operation. Eagle is a desktop-based software that focuses on "Collect, Organize, Search" of your

  • Search images by keywords

    The search bar can help you quickly find the images you need and provide many useful features to improve your search efficiency. Let you find the images that best meet your needs in the shortest

  • The must-know Eagle tricks

    Did you use the folder, but still can't find images or materials? Eagle provides a lot of ways to help you organize your collections. You can install Eagle Chrome extension that can help you collect

  • Interface - Filter

    In addition to the keyword search function, you can also use the powerful filter to filter out the most appropriate images based on your filter conditions. Open the Filter You can find the "Funnel"

  • Categorize automatically using smart folder

    I am going to introduce the function of "Smart Folder", Use this function will help you classify images more efficiently. Let's get started! What's Smart Folder The smart folder is a kind of image

  • Getting Started - 6. Save web images with browser extension

    In "Add images to Eagle and sorting them" we have learned how to add local images to Eagle! In this article, we will learn how to use browser extension to save images or ideas on websites more

  • What's the difference between smart folder and regular folder?

    The Smart folder is a kind of folder with special features. Unlike regular folders, the smart folder will filter all images in Eagle according to the conditions you provide, and collect pictures that

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Commonly Used Feature Hotkeys For those who want to use Eagle efficiently, you must need to know these hotkeys. Feature macOS Windows Copy ⌘ + C Ctrl + C Create a folder ⌘ + Shift + N Ctrl + Shift +

  • What is library?

    All the images added to Eagle will be placed in the "LIbrary". The library is fundamental for the images you saved and their respective metadata (i.e. tags, notes, comments). You can consider the

  • Improve search efficiency by fuzzy search

    We often need to enter text in image collection, search, and classification, Eagle provides "Fuzzy Search" which can highly improve the efficiency of entering text. What is Fuzzy Search The "Fuzzy

  • How to use browser extensions to collect images and classify them at the same time

    By default, the images will be saved in "All" in the sidebar, Eagle also supports the function of you can immediately categorize images when collecting them. So, you can and collect and categorize

  • Quickly switch between different folders

    With more and more folders, the classification becomes complicated and hard to view and find folders. The "Quick Search" function makes you switch between plenty of folders without searching one by

  • Does the size of library affect software performance?

    In the current software structure, Eagle won't really load every original file most of the time. Regardless of the size, every file is identical when it comes to loading/analyzing to Eagle. In

  • Getting Started - 8. Browsing images

    After finishing "Using tags for more detailed categorization", we have learned how to "add images", "classify images" and "tagging images". In this article, we are going to learn how to browse and

  • How to back up images saved by Eagle?

    You can back up the images you saved in Eagle at any time, it's the same way how you back up your regular files and folders. In this article, we'll discuss two different ways to back up. Back up

  • Interface - Sidebar

    The sidebar is on the left side of Eagle and is mainly responsible for navigation. The location is as shown below: Hide sidebar If you want to hide the sidebar and maximize the image list, you can