Organize audio

If you have some audio files like mp3 files, and you want to organize them, Eagle now supports audio file collecting and provides many advanced management features for the audio file, so let's save your audio files into Eagle!

Support format: mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, aac, flac

List Mode

The audio file in list mode can perform many convenient operations and preview of thumbnails:

  1. Hover Preview
    If you want to preview the audio file in list mode, you can hover your mouse over the audio file thumbnail to preview it immediately.
  2. Audio Waveform
    The audio files will display audio waveforms in list mode, allowing you to use audio waveforms to find audio files more efficiently.
  3. Repeat the clip
    If you keep hovering your mouse over the audio thumbnail, the current audio file will repeatedly play until you remove your mouse. You can click the waveform of a thumbnail to select the progress you want to start playing so you can preview the progress you want without using detail mode.
  4. Space Preview
    Click the space button to quickly preview the audio file.

Detail Mode 

The audio file in detail mode can display more complete information, and adjust playback speed, volume according to your needs:

  1. Preview Full Waveform
    You can view the full waveform and click on the waveform to quickly switch to the progress you need.
  2. Change playback speed
    You can adjust the playback speed to select the playback speed according to your needs (0.5x - 2x).
  3. Change the volume
    In detail mode, you can adjust the volume not only by the volume button but also the "scroll wheel",
  4. Toggle Repeat Mode
    In detail mode, if you have the need to repeatedly play the audio file, just click the "repeat" button on the progress bar.

Filter audio files by tempo

  1. Right-click the left upper "Eagle" > "Preferences"
  2. Click "Filter" and check the "BPM" option
  3. The BPM filter has been enabled
Note: If you have any other audio file format requirements, please contact us.
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