Use right-click gesture to easily zoom in and out image with one hand

In some cases, we can use both mouse and keyboard or we want to quickly view the images in Eagle with one hand. 

Right-hand Gesture

Based on these cases, Eagle has developed a special "Right-hand" gesture for switching and browsing images with only one mouse!

Right-hand Gesture to Switch Image

The gesture of switching images is quite intuitive. Double-click to open image, then press the right button on the image and quickly slide left / right to switch images, as shown in the video below:

Right-hand Gesture to Zoom In and Out Image

Alt + scroll is the Eagle's default way of zooming images. But you can use the "Right-click" gesture to zoom images without a keyboard. First, double-click to open the image, then press the right button on the image and quickly slide up / down to zoom in / out the image.

In addition to the right-hand gesture, you can also change the default behavior of the mouse wheel to "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" images in the preference, as shown below:

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