Sync Eagle libary with Synology Drive

This article is mainly for the product of Synology, other NAS brand (such as QNAP) may have similar functions. You can also refer to the configuration of this article.

Before you start, please make sure that you have a Synology NAS device (Support Cloud Station).

Set up Synology Drive Server

Synology NAS is a storage device that connects to your network. You can store files on the NAS and access files and use various services provided by the NAS via the internet. Install  Cloud Station Server on Synology NAS and Cloud Station Drive on your device, the files stored in your device will be automatically synced on Synology NAS. 

Establish the connection between your Synology NAS and computer

  • Go to "All Packages",Find Synology Drive Server and install it
  • Open Synology Drive Server
  • Click the Synology Drive Client to download Synology Drive Client (You can also download Cloud Station in Synology Download Center.)
  • Click the installation to install "Synology Drive Client"
  • After installing Synology Drive Client, you can click it to start
  • Enter the Synology NAS address (or QuickConnect ID), username and password. You can search for the LAN IP address by clicking the Search icon on the right. Click the "Next" button
  • Select the folder you want to sync on your Synology and device. Then you can click the "Advanced" button to configure the sync settings.
  • If you want to share files with your friends, select "Local Sync Folder", if not select "Maybe later" 
  • Click the "Done" button
  • You can see the "Synology Drive" icon on the upper right corner
  • Click the icon, you can check the situation of files

Sync Eagle library

  • Open Synology Drive path
  • Add Eagle library into the folder
  • Back to Eagle, click "Library" > "Switch Library"
  • Select the new library path to finish the setup
  • Repeat the above steps on other devices. After the client automatically sync the file, the synchronization of multiple devices is complete, 

Common Question

  1. incomplete sync data
    Close  "Synology Drive Client" and reboot it,  scan the files and usually solve the problem.
  2. Can I access and sync these files on the external network?
    Yes,  "Synology Drive Client" is like other public cloud services, you can access and sync data in any place with internet.
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