How do i apply for the volume purchase program?

The Volume Purchase Program allows a group of people to purchase license code in volume. We provide a plan to buy more than 10 groups in bulk. You can apply for a volume purchase link according to the following process.

  1. Collect buyer information
    The initiator of the group purchase activity uses Excel or Google Docs to collect the buyer's information. It must include the name and email address. Be sure to fill in the email address correctly. After payment, the system will send an activation code to this list email address.
  2. Contact Eagle team
  3. After the purchaser information collected, the initiator send Excel file to Eagle team( [email protected]) with the subject line "Apply the volume purchase program".
  4. Wait for Application Review
    We will reply within 0-2 working days (excluding holidays), and the initiator can charge the purchaser during this time.
  5. Get the volume purchase links
    Once approved, we will send a volume purchase link to the sponsor ’s email.
  6. Click the link to pay
    The initiator goes to the mailbox to check the link and clicks the purchase link in the email to pay.
  7. The system sends the serial number
    After the payment is completed, the system will send the serial number to each buyer in order according to the list, and the buyer can activate Eagle after receiving the serial number.

⚠️ Notes:

  1. Please make sure that the email information is filled incorrectly.
  2. Resale is forbidden. If this situation is found, we have the right to void the order and its serial number.
  3. For company volume purchases, please use the company email to apply.
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