How do i apply for the volume purchase program?

This program offers a discount for volume purchases. Currently, we offer a discount for volume purchases over 5 copies. To join this program, please apply according to the following step:

  1. Collect purchasers' information
    The Initiator collects all purchasers' information, including names and emails with Excel or Google Sheets. Please make sure the email address is valid and error-free. Once the payment is received, the system will send license keys according to the emails you provided.
  2. Contact Eagle team
  3. After all the information is collected, the initiator then sends the abovementioned email list to Eagle team( [email protected]) with the subject line "Apply for volume purchase program".
  4. Wait for Review
    We will reply with the result within 0-2 working days (excluding holidays), this is also good timing for the initiator to collect payments from purchasers.
  5. Get the volume purchase links
    Once approved, we will send a dedicated volume purchase link to the initiator’s email.
  6. Click the link to pay
    Check the email inbox for the mail with the dedicated volume purchase link, and click the "Pay now" button to complete the transaction.
  7. The system sends the license key
    After the transaction is completed, the license keys will be sent to each purchasers' email according to the list the initiator provided, all you need to do is activate Eagle in the app.

⚠️ Notes:

  1. Please make sure that the email information is filled correctly.
  2. Reselling of the license key is not allowed. Eagle reserves the right to void the resold orders and license keys.
  3. For business volume purchases, please apply the program using the company's email and provide us the company's name.
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