Sync Eagle libary with Google Drive

How to set up Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easy to sync files and folders across multiple devices, so you can synchronize the Eagle library by using Google Drive, following the below steps to set up Google Drive.

  1. Download Google Drive
    Go to Google drive
    Click the "Go to Goole Drive" button to download Google Drive.
    Click the "Download" button in Backup and Sync 
  2. Install Google Drive
    Double-click the installation and 
    Login Google account
  3. Set up the folder you want to sync
    If you only need Google Drive to sync the Eagle library, in this step you can uncheck your device and click the "Next" button.By default, select "Sync everything in My Drive" and click the "Next" button
  4. Open Google Drive folder
    By default, the client will automatically open Google Drive folder, if the folder isn't opened, you can open it in this path
  5. Drag and drop "Eagle library" to the Google folder
  6. Go back to Eagle, select "Library" > "Switch Library"
  7. Select the new library path to finish the setup
  8. Repeat the above steps on other devices. After the client automatically sync the file, the synchronization of multiple devices is complete, 
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