Customize the browser extension shortcut key to boost collecting efficiency

Eagle browser extension can improve the efficiency of saving web images, especially dragging and dropping to save images. However, sometimes you need to take a lot of screenshots, so you need to open Eagle browser extension frequently and it's troublesome. To deal with this situation, Eagle provides shortcuts that can open the screenshot tool easily.

Set Browser Extention Shortcut

  1. Open Eagle browser extension menu
  2. Click the "Preferences"
  3. Customize the browser extension shortcut 

Default Browser Extension Shortcut

We recommend using the "Alt" button as the main trigger button. 

  • Batch Save
    Set shortcut Alt + 1
  • Capture Area
    Set shortcut Alt + 2
  • Capture Visible
    Set shortcut Alt + 3
  • Capture Page
    Set shortcut Alt + 4
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