Categorize automatically using smart folder

I am going to introduce the function of "Smart Folder", Use this function will help you classify images more efficiently. Let's get started!

What's Smart Folder

The smart folder is a kind of image classification function of Eagle. Unlike the general folder, the smart folder will automatically put the qualified images in the smart folder according to the filtering conditions you provide. The contents of smart folders will be real-time updates, you can enjoy life-long convenience with just one setup.

Create a Smart Folder

You can find the smart folder function on the left sidebar and click "+" to start creating a smart folder.

Name the smart folder and select filtering conditions.

Use Case

  1. Create Time
    Filter images by time span, It can be used like "The images I collected yesterday", "The picture I collected during 2017-07-01 to 2017-07-15", "The images I collected in 2016".
  2. Color
    Filter images by color. Color filter conditions can be divided into "almost the same" and "similar", you can choose one based on your demands.
  3. Keywords
    Filter images by name. The filter conditions can be divided into "include", "not included", "begin with", "end with", "completely equal". The default is to include text, you can find the image and its name includes a keyword.
  4. URL
    Filter images by source URL. Usually, the image downloaded by "Browser Extension" will accompany with the URL. It can be used like "My images in Dribble", "Pinterest favorite images".
  5. Height, width
    Filter images by size. The width and height can be "equal", "less than", "greater than", and "custom range". it can be used like "iPhone screenshot", "Webpage screenshot", "HD background image".
  6. Type
    Filter images by type, you can quickly filter out a certain format of images. It can be used like "GIF", "PSD", and usually be used with other conditions.  
  7. Tags
    Filter images by tag. Supporting multiple tags filter, it can be used like "cute", "Banner".

How to use

Just as mentioned above, you can use a variety of conditions together. For example, if you want to quickly create a classification if the "Ban' images of "Red", you can set the "Tags" and "Color" as filtering conditions.

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