Switch the image list layout according to your needs

Justified Layout

By default, Eagle mainly adopts "Adaptive Layout", The adaptive layout features are neat and can ensure that each image won't be cropped. It's suitable for sorting and searching for images. Many services also use this layout, such as Goole Search, 500px, Flicker.

Waterfall Layout 

However, sometimes adaptive layout may not meet the diverse needs, such as long images, screenshots of the web. Eagle supports  "Waterfall Layout" for long images, we just need to switch the layout to easily solve various browsing needs.

Switch Layout

You can switch the layout of the current page at any time. Switching won't cause the images to reload. Currently, you can switch layout by following ways:

  1. Right-click the list
    Right-click the blank of the list and select the desired layout. 
  2. Switch
    Click "Alt +1", switch to the adaptive layout.
    Click "Alt + 2", switch to the waterfall layout.

Comparison of Different Layouts

  • Justified 
    The visual alignment is quite neat and suitable for the situation of image sorting and searching.
  • Waterfall
    The visual alignment is irregular, and the search burden is large, but it's suitable for viewing long or irregular sizes of images.
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