Press alt key and right-click to collect website images

I'm going to introduce a hidden feature "Alt + Right-click", you can use this feature to highly improve the efficiency of collecting images.
If you have used the Eagle browser extension before, I believe you already know a few useful ways to collect.

  • Right-click the  image and select 
  • Drag and drop the image to the collection area

Although these methods are efficient, there are still some shortcomings, and there must be a better way, so we developed a new feature: "Alt + Right-click".

Use Method:

  • Install Eagle browser extension (After version 1.2.0)
  • Press the "Alt" button and "right-click" the image to collect 

Use Case:

  • Collect images more quickly
  • The website disable right-click function
  • The website disable you from dragging images 

The Special things of this New Feature

  • Use "Penetration Mode" to get images, can crack more than 99% of the anti-theft website
  • Eliminate complicated steps and achieve a true one-click collection
  • Save image resource information for 
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