GIF Viewer

Eagle supports GIF player so you can save GIF files in Eagle. The GIF files can be played and organized. Let's add your GIF collections into Eagle. 

Play and pause animated GIFs

When you‘re browsing a GIF, you can pause to view a frame by clicking the image or using the space bar.
GIF Viewer - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

View frame by frame

If you want to quickly switch or view a section, you can drag and drop the bar below to view it frame by frame.
GIF Viewer - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

Select the section that you want to repeat 

Sometimes we want to repeat viewing a section of the GIF. Now you can set the section you want to repeat viewing by using the cropping tool on the left and right side. After you crop the  GIF, it will play repeatedly in the section,  
GIF Viewer - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

Adjust play speed

If the GIF default speed is too fast or slow for you to view, you can click the button in the lower right corner to adjust the play speed (0.25x - 0.4x). 

GIF Viewer - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

Customize GIF’s thumbnail

You can select a frame as a preview thumbnail of the list, click the button in the lower right corner to complete.
GIF Viewer - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

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