Search images by keywords

The search bar can help you quickly find the images you need and provide many useful features to improve your search efficiency. Let you find the images that best meet your needs in the shortest time.

Search Scope 

Click the magnifier button next to the search bar and you can custom the search scope.

  • Name 
  • Extension
  • Tag
  • Url
  • Comment
  • Note


The search function will automatically recommend content that is relevant to your input

Recent Searches

When you click on the search bar, Eagle will automatically display the five most recently searched keywords and you can click to view the search results.

Search Skills

Use search skills to make it easy to find the images that best meets your needs.


Use "Not" to exclude the search results you don't need. You can enter the word that you don't need after "Not", and the results that related to the word will be excluded.


If you aren't sure about the complete keyword you want to search, Eagle supports "Fuzzy Search". Even the keyword is not complete, Eagle will provide the most relevant results to you.


When you need to search by two or more keywords, you can separate the words by space. By separating the keyword, you can get all results that relate to the keywords. 

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