Scan Duplicates

As more and more images are collected, If you keep this problem, computer space will continue to be wasted.  

Eagle supports the function of “Find Duplicates”. You can use this function to help you find the duplicate images   

  1. Click the “+” button on top of  the sidebarScan Duplicates - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  2. Click the “Find Duplicates” and select “Scan All” or “Scan Current Folder” according to your needs.Scan Duplicates - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  3. After scanning, the duplicates will be displayed.
    Scan Duplicates - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
The "Find Duplicates" feature currently only detects "identical" images. For example, If the images have different type, name or size but the appearance is the same, the system still distinguish them as different images files. 
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