Getting Started - 9. Search for images

In the previous article, we have learned skills of "collecting, organizing, viewing" images! Here, we are going to learn how to quickly find images you want in Eagle.

Keyword search 

The search bar in the upper right corner allows us to find contents we needed by using "keyword". Eagle has fast search speed, no matter how many images you have, the search can be finished in 0.5seconds.

Click on the "small triangle" button next to search bar to modify search conditions such as "name", "file extension", "tags", "URLs".

Filter introduction 

You can open the advanced filter by clicking on the "funnel" button next to the search bar, this is one of Eagle's most important functions. With an advanced filter, you can find images you need according to various properties of the images.

Currently, you can search with the following condition: "color", "tag", "rating", "type", "shape", "size", "comment", "note", "URL". Below we are going to introduce several commonly used filters:

  • Color filter
    You can filter images by their color, Since Eagle doesn't filter by predefined color taggings, Eagle provides more flexible filterings, and the result is shown in no time.
  • Tag filter
    You can filter images by taggings quickly, currently, there are three modes i.e.  "AND / OR / NOT"(right-click to exclude).
  • Type filter
    You can also filter by image file type you need quickly, e.g., "PSD file", "PNG file". 
  • Shape filter
    You can use shape filter to find suitable images, for example, if you are finding references for your Banner's background, you can use "Panoramic horizontal" to filter out appropriate background images.

Great Now we have known the skills to search efficiently! In next article, we are going to learn " how to drag and drop images to other applications for using".

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