Getting Started - 7. Using tags for more detailed categorization

In " Add images to Eagle and sorting them", we have learned how to add local images to Eagle and classify them!

In this article, We are going to learn the "tag" function, through proper tagging, we can achieve a more detailed classification and find images we need quickly in the future.

Adding tags

If you want to tag your collected images, first select image(s) you want to tag, we can see the basic information of the image(s) in the Inspector to the right, click on "New tag..." to add tags. We enter "Design", Poster" tags in this demonstration.

Remark: Eagle has made a lot of optimizations for “tag” function including "smart tag recommendation", 'tag groups", "favorite tags", "tag history".  To avoid making this article super long, we will give a more exhaustive introduction in other articles. As for now, we only need to know how to add tags to the image. 

Delete tags

If you want to delete tags you added, find the tag in the Inspector to the right and click the "X" button to delete it.

Manage your tags

As the number of collected images rises, tags may also increase. Organizing and managing tags is also available in Eagle. Click "All tags" in the sidebar to the left, tag related features are then shown. For detailed instructions, we will describe in another article.

Great! We have known how to add tags! Next, we are going to learn how to browse and preview our images!

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