Getting Started - 7. Using tags

In "Add images to Eagle and classify them", we have understood how to add local images to Eagle and classify them!

In this chapter, We are going to learn "tag", we can classify images in detail and find images we need quickly.

Add tags

If you want to tag your images, first select images you want to tag, then we can see the basic information of in the viewer on the right side, click on "Enter Tags" to add tags. We enter "Design", ''Illustration" as examples.

Remark: Eagle has made a lot of optimizations for “tag” function including "smart recommendation tags", 'tag group", "favorite tags", "history". For reasons of space, we will introduce "tag" more detailed in other articles. Now we only need to know how to add tags to the image. 

Delete tags

If you want to delete a tag you add, we can find tags in the right viewer and click the "X" button to delete it.

Manage tags

As the increase of images, tags may increase, you can classify and manage tags, click on "All tags" in the sidebar to see related functions, the detail will be introduced in other articles.

Great! We have known how to add tags! Next, we are going to learn how to browse and preview our images!

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