Getting Started - 6. Saving images from websites

In "Add images to Eagle and classify them" we have learned how to add local images to Eagle! In this chapter, we will learn how to use browser extension which makes us save images, inspirations on webpages faster.

Install browser extension

Before starting, you need to install Eagle browser extension, Eagle support various of the browser, you can install it by selecting your favorite browser installation tutorial from the link below:

  1. How to install browser extension in Chrome
  2. How to install browser extension in Safari
  3. How to install browser extension in Firefox
  4. How to install browser extension in Opera
  5. How to install browser extension in Edge

After installing, you can see Eagle icon in the extension toolbar. Next, we will introduce more useful functions!

Right-click to save images

Open your favorite webpage, here we use"Dribbble" as an example. After opening the webpage, we can right-click on the images you want. You can find "Add images to Eagle" from the right-click menu, click it you can add images in Eagle.

Drag and drop to save images

Besides saving images by right click, we can drag and drop to save images, as follows:

Batch collection

Sometimes we need to save multiple images on the same page. It may not be efficient to save one by one. At this time we can try "Batch Collection", click Eagle browser extension icon in the upper right corner, then select "Batch Collection". Selecting images you want and click on "Add images" to save images.


Besides, saving images from webpages, the extension can take screenshots including "selection range", "visual range", "full page".

Classification Window

By default, the images saved by extension will be placed in the unclassified list. If you want to classify images when saving images, you can check "Display classification window when you save images" option in extension preferences. After checking the option, you can save and classify images at the same time.

Great! We have understood how to use the browser extension to save images! Next chapter, we are going to introduce " How to use the tag to further classify our images".

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