Using Tuxera NTFS on macOS causes the library to be unreadable

If you storage library in NTFS external hard drives, the problems write and read, It may be caused by the use of the third-party plug-in “Tuxera NTFS” tool.  

  • Confirm that the macOS system is the latest version
  • Confirm that the “Tuxera NTFS” is the latest version

By default, macOS doesn't support NTFS hard disk, it needs to use the third-party software to satisfy the requirements of the third-party software that doesn't update. It's likely to cause unexpected problems or errors. We recommend you to use general format hard disk, e.g., exFAT, FAT. 

Recommend you to use general or special format 
If your external hard drives will only be used on macOS system, you can consider formatting it and specially using for macOS. If your external hard drives will used on multiple system, we recommend you to use general format, e.g., exFAT, FAT.     

If you must use NTFS hard drive to save the library, currently, "NTFS for Mac" may be a good choice for you. The user feedback is relatively stable. 

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