Can I import images from "Pinterest"?

We used to support importing images from Pinterest, unfortunately, the feature is removed due to Pinterest policy restriction. The following is what happened.

We have supported this feature in the past, but unfortunately, we have removed this feature because of Pinterest's official request. The following is a relevant record of the event: 

Pinterest updated the developer guidelines on 2018/01/05, which required all applications that used Pinterest API must be reviewed and permitted by the official in order to be publicly available to users, so the Eagle import feature was impacted by the time, our team also submitted for the review on Tuesday.

On Wednesday night, the results of the review came out, but it was desperate. The review was rejected because the new developer agreement mentioned "prohibiting the application to download or modify the content on Pinterest through API" and "Unless you have the ability to prove that the copyright of the image is yours, it is forbidden to download". Because of these two terms, Eagle's import from Pinterest feature of Pinterest may not continue to use in the future. 

So far, we didn't receive further responses from Pinterest.

Future direction

Eagle is a commercial software and we don't intend to infringe on other company's rights and policies. If possible, we hope to introduce this type of feature by synergizing with third-party open-source software in the future.

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