Can I browse my computer's file in Eagle?

Eagle was originally designed to make users manage their images easier. Eagle uses the "unified centralized management" to manage the images that you add into Eagle.

In some cases, it is inconvenient to use Eagle to browse other local directories, but compare with the benefits, the unified, centralized management has a better user experience. we use "Evernote" to manage notes, you don't need to remember the paths or which folder that notes are located, you just open Evernote to find it, similarly, if the materials managed by Eagle are from various of the path, it still can't have the effective and simple user experience.

Use traditional folders to manage images may have some problems. When you need to search for files without creating additional indexes in advance, the search performance will be very bad, especially for devices that use hard disk drive.

simply put, Eagle is the same as other popular applications with "centralized" management that brings these benefits:

  1. Simple and easy to use
    You don't need to spend any brainpower to remember where your image is placed. The only thing you need is to open Eagle and start using it.
  2. High performance, faster than hard drive search
    if you want to search for images, no matter how many images you have, it can be completed with 0.5 seconds of Eagle.
  3. Focus on images not files
    When you want to surf the internet, you will open the browser directly. We also hope this simple experience can be extended to the use of images. When you need an image, you don't need to search in plenty of files as before. To find the image you only need to open Eagle.
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