Action provides a quick way to get one or more tasks done with just a click. You can create a shortcut to complete a series of preset tasks and streamline repetitive actions to boost productivity. You can use Action to:

  • Automate common tasks and workflows with one Action
  • Create your own shortcuts with multiple steps such as categorized files into folders, label pictures with tags and give ratings all at once

How to create an Action?

  1. Click the 'Thunder' icon on the toolbar.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  2. Click 'Create' or '+' at the top of the sidebar to add an 'Action'.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  3. Set the 'Action' name.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  4. Set tasks according to your needs into one 'Action'.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  5. Set a shortcut key for 'Action', for example, ⌘+1, then click 'Create' to complete.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

Supported Action Task

Currently, there are 5 available tasks for 'Actions', which can be combined into one 'Action' according to your needs. The 'Action' tasks are following:

  • Add tags
  • Add folders
  • Clear tag
  • Clear folder
  • Rating

How to use Action?

  1. Select the files you would like to use for 'Action'.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  2. Click the 'Thunder icon on the toolbar or use the shortcut key (G) to open the 'Action' panel.
  3. Click the 'Action' you set previously to complete multiple tasks all at once. You can also use the 'Action' shortcut keys to enhance workflows efficiency!Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

How to create similar 'Actions'?

When you have similar tasks you would like to process for 'Action', click on the 'Menu' icon on the right and find the 'Duplicate' option to copy, then you can quickly create similar 'Actions'.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

How to Remove 'Action'?

To delete an 'Action' function, click the 'Menu' icon on the right and find the 'Remove' option to remove.Action - Knowledge Base | Eagle App

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