Creating file templates

Just like Windows system right-clicks to create new files, you can directly create a new file (psd, ai, xd, docx, pptx, xls, txt, etc.) in Eagle too! Save you the trouble of saving files then drag from other software to Eagle.

Usage scenarios

  • Create directly when you need to add a design file (psd, ai, xd) in one of the Eagle folders
  • When you suddenly find inspiration, just create a word. or text. file in the Eagle folder to help you organize your otherwise scattered notes everywhere easier
  • No more saving the file in third-party software then add it to Eagle, start working smart and direct from Eagle

How to use it

  1. Select the folder and click" + "at the top of the sidebarCreating file templates - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  2. Select the file format you want to createCreating file templates - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  3. Then the newly created file will appear in the listCreating file templates - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
  4. Right-click, open with default app, now you can edit and start working! Creating file templates - Knowledge Base | Eagle App
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