Use 'Zoom To Fit' to auto-adjust image's display size

In Detailed Mode, there are 3 options available to determine how the image is displayed, namely, 'Change Manually', 'Actual Size',  'Zoom to Fit' respectively. The 'Zoom to Fit', among the options, can adjust the image's display ratio, regardless of its type, size, or aspects, to the presumably fittest view settings based on various factors of the image.

Phone Screenshot

If the image you saved is a screenshot taken by phone devices so viewing it in the actual size may not display details properly on a tabletop screen, the 'Zoom To Fit' can adjust its display size to the most suitable ratio to give you a better view experience.

Fullpage Screenshot

If the image you saved is a full-page screenshot of a webpage, it would not be quite a good view experience due to its extended length. The 'Zoom To Fit', however, can address the issue with the ability to detect and adjust images in a proper view ratio, thus providing a better experience.

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